Some History

The AFMC was founded and organized as a ministerial fellowship on April 9, 1931, to promote the fundamentals of the faith. It all began as a result of ministerial oppression from sectarianism, legalism and organized religion and a God-given vision shared by our founders.

God enabled Fred and Hallie Bruffett, Paul Bennett, George P. Tasker and several other ministers to band together around a common cause and a God-given vision so that their unified efforts could go far beyond the problems and challenges they faced in their ministries. We do know that these servants of God wanted to advance the cause of Christ more than anything.

Since its beginning, the AFMC has served ministers and Gospel workers who are committed to preaching and teaching the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Three main Bible teachings dominated the minds of these leaders; first, The Universal Church, or Body of Christ, that includes all of God’s people; second, the Unity and Fellowship of all Christians; and third, Ministerial liberty and freedom to preach the Gospel.

Today the AFMC serves ministers and Gospel workers who are committed to the authority of God’s Word as set forth in the Old and New Testament scriptures, to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and to promote Christian fellowship and unity in the Church; and the basis of fellowship and unity is in the new birth, the definite experiential knowledge of salvation through the shed blood of Jesus Christ.